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About Cyber
In support of the educational mission of the MCPA, Cyber provides the public with free news, original content, and other non-fiction media relevant to military cyber affairs in support of better understanding this complex domain.

Cyber is currently available online for free. In accordance with MCPA policiesoriginal Cyber content can be shared without prior permission for educational/nonprofit purposes only. It may not be used for commercial use. Stories will be published online and select stories will be incorporated into a consolidated downloadable magazine. All published stories can be found on the magazine homepage here.

The Editor-in-Chief of Cyber is Michael Lenart, an Army officer with a background in strategy, intelligence, capabilities development, organizational change, and cybersecurity. The Associate Editor of Cyber is Vanessa Redman, an Air Force non-commissioned officer, technical writer, industrial engineer, and computer scientist with a background in project management, quality assurance, cyber security, lean manufacturing, and system administration. If interested in joining this team, please indicate so in your membership application form.

Please note that the statements and opinions expressed in the magazine are those of the authors and not of Cyber or the MCPA. If you have an issue with what has been published, please address it directly with the author and not Cyber or the MCPA. You may also want to make a publishable submission to us in response to something you read here, so long as it furthers our purpose.

We offer the magazine to you free of charge online in pdf format. However, if you or your organization would like to order printed copies (individual or in bulk), please call or email your order in to this store. Their normal printing and shipping fees will apply, but there is no additional charge beyond that. If you would like to become a sponsor of the magazine and/or the MCPA, please let us know.